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Heike Roms (Aberystwyth) | »Echo/Ortung (Echo/Location): Performing and Locating Memories in Oral History«

Südseite | Karl-Heine-Straße 55 | 8. Februar 2013 | 15.00–19.00 Uhr

The figure of Echo suggests a close relationship between practices of repetition or reiteration and their expression through voice and narration.
It is this relationship that the workshop will explore by focusing on a particular instance of vocalized reiterative and narrative practice: that of ›oral history.‹ What and how does oral history remember? How is memory mediated through the practice of conversation? What is the specific manner in which memory becomes present through a dialogue with a listener, a document or a location? How does the voicing of memory reveal gaps, fragmentations and forgetting? How does oral history relate to other archival practices? And how can the oral history conversation, itself a performative format, help us to remember past performance work? continue reading


Miško Šuvaković (Belgrad) | »Theory as Performing Practice. Art and Knowledge between Lecture and Performance«

Schaubühne Lindenfels | Grüner Salon | 8. Februar 2013 | 15.00–19.00 Uhr

Constructing contemporaneity through contradictions, conflicts and ›gifts‹ of history. The main thesis is that contemporary art is art in time of social contradictions. Therefore, it is necessary to pose questions about differences.
The workshop will be constructed as a three-part event: (1) an introductory lecture, (2) exercise with the participants, and (3) collective theoretical discussion or readings as a performance. continue reading


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