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Workshop II
Miško Šuvaković (Belgrad) | »Theory as Performing Practice. Art and Knowledge between Lecture and Performance«

Schaubühne Lindenfels | Grüner Salon | 8. Februar 2013 | 15.00–19.00 Uhr

The workshop will be constructed as a three-part event: (1) my introductory lecture (90 minutes), (2) exercise with the participants (60 minutes), and (3) collective theoretical discussion or readings as a performance.

CONTENT OF INTRODUCTIONARY LECTURE. Constructing contemporaneity through contradictions, conflicts and ‘gifts’ of history, I am going to present recent discussions on contemporary arts. In doing so, I will ask questions on contemporary art, on transitional art, on global art and on the art in times of crisis. I will develop concepts of the relationship between contemporary art and culture. My main thesis is that contemporary art is art in time of social contradictions. Therefore, it is necessary to pose questions about differences between media and post-media art; between research art and activist art; between dematerialised art and spectacular art; between performative and representative art; between local and global art. Furthermore, I will refer to comparative discussion on relations between avant-garde, neo-avant-garde and contemporary art.

CONTENT OF EXCERCISES. We will have to discuss possible subjects and themes of our collective lecture-performance. I will prepare three groups of texts, which we could discuss and select for a public reading. I will send these texts before the workshop.

Miško Šuvaković was born in Belgrade. He was co-founder and member of the conceptual artist group 143 (1975-1980), of the informal theoretic and artistic group Community for Space Investigation (1982-1989), and is collaborator of the theoretical group Walking theory (from 2000). He is professor of applied aesthetics and theory of art at the Faculty of Music and Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade. His books published in English are PAS TOUT ­ Fragments on art, culture, politics, poetics and art theory 1994-1974 (Meow Press, Buffalo, 1994), Impossible Histories (The MIT Press, Cambridge 2003, 2006), The Epistemology of Art (TKH, Belgrade, Tanz Quartier, Vienna, 2008), Clandestine History of OHO (Zavod Parasite, Ljubljana, 2009).

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